About Us

We are importers of wooden furniture and home decor but this is not all as, We at GHP are not just importers but in reality, on grounds We develop furniture collections with a focus on solid wood , Marble , Metal & Glass together with home decor products.
GHP is now an established direct containers importer.We have a specialized production set to cater demands of our clients.We having a very micro control over production , our quality management, our young dynastic designer team ,Supply chain management , Sustainable materials & processes ensure every thing to be appropriate
Our customers include well-known on liner , Wholesaler , Retailers and chains of Stores .
We offer our customers a large and exclusive selection of designs in various types of wood, metals, marble etc.Our collections can be flexibly combined with one another. There are no limits to your ideas and we can implement them. You can choose between different collections and textures and if not, we will find a solution.

Why choose us?

Exclusive products of the best quality with optimum service.

Working in Indian and in other south East Asian countries is very exciting and has hardships too. As it is not just importing but Quality management, production monitoring and certification compliance are also important.
In order to guarantee this, our employees are always on site to ensure everything runs smoothly. And this is where our quality control comes in. The entire production process is controlled by our own experienced employees.
Another important aspect is transport and shipping. A certain amount of expertise is required to ensure that the ordered goods arrive in the condition expected by our customers. Naturally, we handle all the transportation and Customs formalities for you, if you so wish.
You are part of the process from the first drawing to the finished product and your vision takes shape gradually.
But what is it that really distinguishes us from other suppliers, is our passion and commitment to offer you unique products of the best quality with optimum services.